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License of Infamously Cruel ‘Liebel Circus’ Finally Terminated After 15 Years of Exploitation

The Liebel Family Circus chained, exploited, and neglected Nosey the elephant over a period of 15 years. Finally, after exposing this horror, Liebel can no longer exhibit, transport, buy, or sell animals for exhibition.

PETA: ‘The Hugo Liebel Circus is infamous for chaining, exploiting, and neglecting Nosey the elephant. Finally, after his horrors were exposed over a period of 15 years, Liebel can no longer exhibit, transport, buy, or sell animals for exhibition. PETA obtained a copy of a decision and order without hearing by reason of default issued by a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) administrative law judge that terminates Hugo Liebel’s federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA) license. This license enabled him to travel all over the country with Nosey — all while keeping her in a dark, cramped trailer and setting up in parking lots and at fairs to exploit her for rides.

PETA’s campaign to save Nosey and take down Liebel began in 2004, when a whistleblower reported that he routinely abused the elephant with bullhooks and electric prods. Over the years, PETA persuaded venues to bar performances featuring the suffering elephant, persuaded authorities to bar Liebel’s elephant act, worked with elephant experts, engaged members of Congress, and obtained celebrity support in favor of Nosey’s release to an accredited sanctuary where her needs could be properly met.

Nosey’s story was so shocking that it became the go-to example of elephant mistreatment in the entertainment industry. New Jersey became the first state ever to enact a ban on traveling wild-animal acts — appropriately calling the new legislation “Nosey’s Law”…The USDA initiated proceedings to terminate Liebel’s license in May 2019, alleging that he’s unfit to handle animals. This termination process began after Lawrence County, Alabama, authorities seized Nosey in 2017′. SOURCE…


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