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EXPOSED: Rabbits Bludgeoned, Chinchillas Electrocuted for Fur in Russia

At one facility, a worker yanks rabbits by their sensitive ears before repeatedly bashing them over the head with a metal pipe. He then hangs them upside down and cuts off their heads with a knife.

PETA: ‘New video exposes Russian facilities where animals are bred and slaughtered for their fur. One of these massive operations had 700 cages that imprisoned 2,000 animals in just a single shed. The rampant cruelty documented by the eyewitness is the stuff of nightmares, but for the animals themselves, it is terrifyingly real.

At one facility, you can see a worker yank rabbits out of a crate by their sensitive ears before repeatedly bashing them over the head with a metal pipe in a crude attempt to stun them. He then hangs them upside down by the legs and cuts off their heads with a knife, even though some are still alive, all in full view of other frightened rabbits. At least one rabbit was so terrified that she lost control of her bladder.

At another facility, chinchillas were caged in full view of others who were being electrocuted. One screamed and struggled for over a minute during a botched electrocution. According to a worker, the clamps had been placed incorrectly, so the animal wasn’t stunned properly, which prolonged the ordeal. Afterward, a worker crudely broke the still-living chinchilla’s neck with his fingers. Workers didn’t bother to verify that animals were unconscious before severing their heads or breaking their necks at these facilities…

According to one worker, at least one of the facilities is a supplier to Kopenhagen Furs, which describes itself as the world’s largest fur auction house. And another fur farm supplied furs to global auction house Saga Furs. Of course, regardless of the country of origin — whether Russia, China, Canada, Finland, the U.S., or elsewhere — all fur involves horrific cruelty, fear, pain, suffering, and death.
Nordstrom continues to sell fur from countries like Russia and China, where eyewitnesses saw rabbits skinned alive. Urge Nordstrom to stop selling fur immediately… Please, help animals like the ones you’ve seen in this exposé by never buying fur’. SOURCE…


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