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SeaWorld Going Bankrupt: Offered $250K to Become Sanctuary and Retire Animals

SeaWorld has been crashing and burning for some time, with the COVID-19 pandemic being the icing on the cake. Over 90% Of SeaWorld’s current staff have been terminated.

BRENDAN KIRKWOOD: SeaWorld has been failing financially for many years due to pressure from animal rights activists and organizations like PETA. Now PETA is offering SeaWorld a quarter of a million dollars to assist the company in building a seaside sanctuary in which to retire their current prisoners. Starting with the documentary “Blackfish” in which the heinous and dangerous practices of SeaWorld were revealed to the public at large. That dealt a blow that started a domino effect that has amplified investigations showing SeaWorld’s animal cruelty and employee safety issues that have resulted in dead and injured trainers.

With four CEOs in five years with the most recent of which has resigned SeaWorld has been crashing and burning for some time with the COVID-19 pandemic being the icing on the cake. Over 90 percent of SeaWorld’s current staff have been terminated because of the ongoing crisis adding even further strain. If the current interim CEO of SeaWorld Marc Swanson has been offered the $250,000 by PETA if he agrees to build the aforementioned seaside sanctuary and releases every single one of the marine animals held hostage for so-called entertainment at their parks…

PETA President and Co-Founder Ingrid Newkirk said in a statement: “This is SeaWorld’s moment to win back all the families who won’t pay to see marine mammals being deprived of everything that’s natural and important to them and trapped in concrete cells. PETA will pay up to get the ball rolling on a seaside sanctuary where orcas, other dolphins, and whales could finally dive deep, feel the ocean currents, and enjoy a more natural life”… The animal rights charity added that several other marine parks were already “moving away from the use of animals as living amusements,” and cited examples of the US National Aquarium and The Whale Sanctuary Project preparing to transition several marine animals into more natural surroundings. SOURCE…


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