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THE ENEMY WITHIN: Animal rights groups FALSELY claim captive dolphins cannot be re-wilded, collaborate with zoo on new enclosure

The animal rights groups Action for Dolphins and World Animal Protection FALSELY claim that the captive dolphins need to remain in the park, since they cannot be re-wilded.

NAAMAN ZHOU: The owners of Dolphin Marine Conservation Park in Coffs Harbour [New South Wales] and animal rights advocates have come together to propose a radical plan – housing the animals in a semi-open sea enclosure… … The marine park currently houses three bottlenose dolphins: Zippy 32, Bella, 15, and Jet, 11, and it has been hit hard by closures enforced by Covid-19 restrictions.

Terry Goodall, the managing director of the Dolphin Marine Conservation Park, said it was like “polar opposites working together”…Jordan Sosnowski, advocacy director of Action for Dolphins, said it was a “very unique collaboration” between the marine park, and her group, which opposes keeping animals in captivity…

Because the dolphins have been raised solely in captivity, they cannot survive in the wild, Goodall said. After becoming manager of the park in August 2018, Goodall said he spoke to Sosnowski, who proposed the idea of the open sea enclosure… THIS IS NOT TRUE (see: Dolphins Go Wild in Project to Free Captive Marine Mammals)…

Under a proposal from the marine park, the group Action for Dolphins and World Animal Protection, the zoo’s dolphins will be released from their concrete pools and live into a sectioned-off area of the Coffs Harbour marina… This would give the dolphins 10 times the space they currently have, and visitors would be able to see them in the marina. SOURCE…



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