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Animal rights group undercover footage shows UK farm worker brutally slamming piglets into concrete floor

The videos show an entire shed of sick animals being the victims of bullying and cannibalism. Piglets dumped in a gangway writhing in pain, covered in lacerations and bites.

DANNY GALLAGHER: Food regulators are investigating after an animal rights group claimed to have filmed a pig farm worker killing piglets by ruthlessly smashing them into the floor. The unnamed man is seen ‘knocking’ young piglets – a process of slamming their heads onto a concrete floor, according to vegan campaigners. The alleged incident was filmed at Calvesley farm, a breeding facility in Berkshire. Footage shot by activist group Viva! Campaigns appears to show workers slicing off piglet’s tails with no pain relief and pulling pig’s teeth out with pliers…

Viva! claim to have filmed a catalogue of disturbing scenes including piglets dumped in a gangway and writhing in pain. The group says the films shows an entire shed of sick animals being the victims of bullying and cannibalism and covered in lacerations and bites, with the most chilling footage showing a man killing small piglets by slamming their heads onto a concrete floor.

In another clip they say a newborn piglet is ‘pulled’ from its stall and ‘ruthlessly thrown’ into a metal trough, while further visual documentation claims to reveal using a ‘barbaric hot knife’ to slice the piglets’ tails back to a stump and a ‘pair of pliers to clip away their teeth’. They say at Cavlesley sows are culled when ‘they fail to produce adequate litters and sick or spent animals will also be killed’. The group claims footage at Cavlesley shows workers cramming corpses into the furnace, including sows and piglets… Officials at welfare standards Red Tractor say the footage is ‘very disappointing’ and has suspended the farm’s certification…

The group says the investigations took place over the course of three weeks, using hidden cameras… Viva!’s founder and director Juliet Gellatley commented: ‘Our team witnessed appalling conditions in this investigation… ‘These are not aberrant farms – they are typical of what is permitted by government and retailers… ‘Our relationship with animals can no longer be just focused on exploitation, the way meat is produced is now considered to be a global threat. ‘It’s not just a case of banning wet markets, although that can’t come soon enough. ‘We need to stop factory farming too and are calling on consumers to choose vegan’.  SOURCE…


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