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Mutilated Monkeys Forced to Weight-lift After Horrific Brain Surgery

The monkeys underwent multiple invasive surgeries, including headpieces bolted to their skulls to keep them from moving their heads during the strength-training tasks.

ZACHARY TOLIVER: According to a shocking study, experimenters at Newcastle University forced monkeys to endure grueling physical strain before killing and dissecting them. Experimenters subjected two female rhesus macaque monkeys — known as Monkey L and Monkey N — to “strength training” for up to three months.  Five days a week, experimenters made the animals perform 50 repetitions of pulling a load weighing up to 14.3 pounds in trials lasting around 20 minutes. The animals only weighed approximately 13.2 to 14.3 pounds themselves. When experimenters forced them to pull the heaviest weights, this was equivalent to completing 50 one-arm pull-ups in 20 minutes.

This only scrapes the surface of the kinds of abuse these monkeys were subjected to. Both also underwent multiple invasive surgeries, including these: Headpieces were bolted to the monkeys’ skulls to keep them from moving their heads during the strength-training tasks; Electrodes were implanted in a muscle between the monkeys’ thumbs and index fingers; Parts of the monkeys’ skulls were temporarily removed to expose their brains so that an additional six electrodes could be implanted; The animal testers restricted food and fluids for the monkeys in order to get them to “work.”…

At the end of miserable lives spent inside a laboratory far away from their forest home, these monkeys were killed and dissected. They never knew what it’s like to swing from tree to tree with their loved ones, form relationships with their troop, or forage for food. They lived and died in captivity… Right now, in the US, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is spending taxpayers’ money to fund similar gruesome tests in which experimenters cut into monkeys’ heads, saw off a portion of their skulls to expose the brain, and then inject toxins into them to inflict permanent brain damage… Use this link and demand that NIH end these experiments. SOURCE…


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