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NAKED CRUELTY: Vegan group takes aim at Australia’s wool industry after video of shivering lamb

The clip was filmed where temperatures hit single digits and shows a young lamb alone shivering in the paddock as the rest of the newly sheared herd huddles for warmth.

BRETT LACKEY: Shivering uncontrollably in an open paddock, a newborn lamb struggles to keep warm as temperatures plummet. The heartbreaking video, released by animal activist group Vegans Rising, has sparked fury online and calls for the wool industry to be abolished. The clip was filmed in Victoria’s rural west in early July where winter temperatures frequently hit single digits.

The footage shows the young lamb standing alone and shivering in the paddock as the rest of the newly sheared herd huddles for warmth. ‘Absolutely appalling! Having their babies out in the freezing elements is just cruel. Do they care about their stock?’ one person said. The video was posted to the Vegans Rising Facebook page… Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Vegans Rising founder Kristin Leigh said the group wants to see the wool industry abolished.

‘Ewes are forced to give birth out of season in the winter rather than spring for the wool and meat industry so lambs can be weened on fresh spring grasses,’ Ms Leigh said. ‘This saves the farmers money on feed, however, as you can see in the video, this young lamb was born in the freezing winter with no protection from the elements.’ ‘The Australian agriculture industry reports up to 10-15 milllion sheep die due to exposure to the elements and natural predators each year, ‘ Ms Leigh said.

The protest, during a morning peak commute, caught police off-guard, with more than 100 activists blocking the jam-packed intersection outside Flinders Street Station. Three rental vans were used in the blockade as activists chanted for ‘animal liberation’, with some sitting on tram tracks, linking arms in a circle to halt police attempts to break up the protest. A number of people also chained themselves to the vehicles that were draped in black and emblazoned with the web address of a vegan film documentary.

The protests were also coordinated to include raids against several abattoirs across the country… Ms Leigh told Daily Mail Australia the group was planning more disruptive actions. ‘Videos like freezing lambs in a paddock draw attention to such farming practices which are cruel and we want to see abolished,’ Ms Leigh said… ‘We are currently working on some large scale actions and disobedience to keep drawing attention to this’.  SOURCE…


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