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CRUSHED SOULS: Horrific video shows baby elephants being ‘broken’ at cruel training camps for tourism industry

Chained in the posts, the baby elephants were forced to become used to loud noises and stress. Their natural instincts destroyed, replaced by the pain and fear of the hook.

RAVEN SAUNT: Horrific footage has exposed how baby elephants are being ‘broken’ at cruel training camps before they are set to work in the tourist industry in Thailand. Staff recorded the calves being abused before they were taught to paint, spin hoops, carry passengers and stand on their hind legs for the entertainment of holiday-makers…

In the clip, which was passed to an animal welfare group, one mother named Gintaala and her 16-month-old baby Boonshoo were seen being trained with disturbingly barbaric methods. The baby elephant was tied to its mother as they fed on grass before the mahouts forced them to separate as Boonshoo cried out in distress. Boonshoo was later chained up alone in a chamber where she was taught how to follow commands. Painful punishments can be seen being inflicted on the baby elephant with mahouts striking it with a bullhook or paddle with nails.

The video compilation was recorded by undercover staff using hidden cameras in 2019 before it was handed to animal welfare groups earlier this year… Animal rights group World Animal Protection (WAP), which compiled the dossier of footage to highlight the cruelty, said the elephants’ instincts were ‘destroyed’… The jumbo’s natural instincts were ‘replaced by the pain and fear of the hook’ and being chained in the posts forced it to become used to ‘loud noises and stress’…

World Animal Protection said their researchers assessed almost 3,000 elephants in 2017 and found that more than three-quarters of these animals live ‘severely cruel’ conditions… WAP Thailand’s Wildlife Campaign Manager Chat Narong Muangwong said they are working to educate tourists to stop visiting elephant shows as demand from tourism is the main driver of the abuse. SOURCE…


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