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ThanksVegan: The campaign to show people how to enjoy Thanksgiving and leave animals in peace

FARM SANCTUARY: By highlighting the personalities of these birds, we inspire people to start new traditions, like adopting a rescued turkey for Thanksgiving instead of eating one.

CNS: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is launching a nationwide campaign called “ThanksVegan.” The animal rights group is spending over $100,000 in a push “to show people how easy it is to enjoy a decadent feast that leaves animals in peace”. The effort includes billboards (including a large number in the Los Angeles area), bus shelter and TV ads and vegan roast giveaways… It also offers a free holiday guide with vegan recipes, shopping tips, and advice for answering challenging questions that could come up at the dinner table…

Catie Cryar, assistant manager at PETA, told CNS that several Southland restaurants are participating in the campaign, including The Grain Cafe at all four of its locations in Los Angeles, Culver City, Redondo Beach, and Long Beach.The meal delivery services Veestro, MamaSezz, Fresh n’ Lean and Boycemode are also participating, and are promoting the campaign on social media.

Vegan options are also available in some, though not all, of the area’s many holiday giveaways for homeless and low-income individuals. Meatless meals are available for students and families who request them in advance at the Los Angeles Unified School District’s many “Grab n Go” locations that sprung up in response to the coronavirus pandemic, according to district spokeswoman Barbara Jones…

For those who want to do more to help turkeys, Farm Sanctuary sponsors an “Adopt a Turkey” campaign every November. For a one-time donation of $35, people can symbolically adopt a rescued turkey, or sponsor an entire flock for $150, allowing the animals to live out their natural lives at one of the group’s three spacious farms. Farm Sanctuary is a rescue and advocacy group that houses hundreds of farm animals at its three locations in the United States, including one in Acton, near the Antelope Valley…

“Thanksgiving and turkeys have become synonymous, but sadly, not in a way that celebrates them. At Farm Sanctuary, we’re trying to change that,” said Farm Sanctuary’s CEO, Megan Watkins. “By highlighting the unique personalities of these birds, while also exposing the abuse that they face in an unjust food system, we inspire people to start new compassionate traditions, like adopting a rescued turkey for Thanksgiving instead of eating one”. SOURCE…


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