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N.I.H. Spent $4.5 Million of Taxpayer Money on Cruel Monkey ‘Marriage Proposal’ Experiments

They strapped the monkeys into plastic chairs by the neck. They took x-rays and recorded when the animals smacked their lips or made other facial gestures and vocalized.

ARIN GREENWOOD: The National Institutes of Health [NIH] said “I do” to some rogue Princeton white coats, handing them more than $4.5 million taxpayer dollars to abuse macaque monkeys in order to find out — surprise! — they don’t and can’t speak like human beings.

Here’s what these Ivy league monkey abusers did… They strapped the macaques into plastic chairs by the neck. Metal collars were used as restraints at first, but swapped for plastic because the metal “was found to partially obscure laryngeal movements.” They took x-rays and recorded when the animals smacked their lips or made other facial gestures and vocalized. Then, they used a computer to create that incredibly creepy audio file of what it might sound like if a macaque did propose marriage…

According to the press materials released by Princeton University: “Monkey speak: Macaques have the anatomy, not the brain, for human speech”…

[Monkeys known as macaques possess the vocal anatomy to produce “clearly intelligible” human speech but lack the brain circuitry to do so, according to new research.

The findings — which could apply to other African and Asian primates known as Old World monkeys — suggest that human speech stems mainly from the unique evolution and construction of our brains, and is not linked to vocalization-related anatomical differences between humans and primates, the researchers reported Dec. 9 in the journal Science Advances.

Co-corresponding author Asif Ghazanfar, a Princeton University professor of psychology and the Princeton Neuroscience Institute, said that scientists across many disciplines have long debated if — and to what extent — differences between the human and primate vocal anatomy allow people to speak but not monkeys and apes.]

For all their interest in chatting, there’s one big thing the Princetonians don’t want to talk about: that they’re taking your money, and so much of it, for their abusive monkey marriage experiments. They don’t want to disclose that fact, even though federal law says they have to.

Despite Princeton’s years-long violation of federal spending disclosure law… this rogue lab is still getting lots of taxpayer dollars to torture monkeys for wasteful speech experiments. The NIH has handed over $4,528,929 since 2007, $387,716 of that cash in 2020. SOURCE…


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