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It’s time for veterinarians to stop mutilating cats’ feet

ROBIN DOWNING, DVM: ‘I applaud the American Association of Feline Practitioners and the fact that it has (finally) taken an appropriate stand against the mutilation of cats through toe amputation. I am saddened that any compassionate veterinarian would object. It is worth remembering that we are one of the only developed nations on the earth that still allows it.

Amputating the last phalanx (P3) of the toes of cats was once considered a “commodity” procedure, commonly performed by well-intentioned veterinarians. As time has passed and our understanding of feline pain, biomechanics and quality of life has evolved, we now recognize many downsides to this procedure and truly no upside…

Multiple studies have demonstrated that most cats receive woefully inadequate pain prevention and management for procedures like spays and neuters—procedures far less traumatic than multiple toe amputations. The pain literature clearly demonstrates that acute pain poorly managed at the time of the trauma often leads to permanent pain states. This means ongoing, self-sustaining, chronic maladaptive pain that constitutes lifelong torture’. SOURCE…


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