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One Hongkonger’s mission to get pets saved from Chinese dog meat festival to new homes

Between 10 million and 20 million dogs are killed for food annually in China.

‘One Hongkonger is recruiting volunteers to join a trans-Pacific rescue mission getting dogs saved from the Yulin dog meat festival to new homes in the United States. Natalie Phan said she was looking for volunteers flying direct with Cathay Pacific Airways from Hong Kong to major American cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and New York, who are willing to take the dogs with them. She will meet volunteers at Hong Kong International Airport and help them check in with the animal in a container, which they will pick up at their destination. She will pay all extra baggage costs and provide the necessary legal documents for the animals.

Between 10 million and 20 million dogs are killed for food annually in China, according to the Humane Society International, an animal rights charity. At the controversial annual festival in Yulin, Guangxi province, thousands of the animals are killed in conditions activists say are brutal, with dogs beaten and boiled alive in the belief that the more terrified they are, the tastier the meat. Activists often save batches of the animals from the slaughterhouse during the festival, with a view to finding them homes abroad. And that is where Phan’s volunteers come in’. SOURCE…


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