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We Asked Vegans If They Should Be Given the Same Protections as Religious People

The Jordi Casamitjana lawsuit isn't the first time a vegan's attempted to file a religious discrimination case. In 2013, an Ohio federal court dismissed veganism as merely an 'eating habit'.

SALMA HAIDRANI: ‘This might have been the year that veganism went mainstream, but there’s still plenty of people ready to take the piss out of those living a plant-based lifestyle. Get ready to see a spike in exactly that next March, when the first court case of its kind in the UK could determine if ethical veganism will be granted the same legal rights as religion. Animal rights activist Jordi Casamitjana has taken his former employer – which bills itself as a “vegan-friendly” animal rights’ charity – to court on the grounds that he was sacked after discovering their pension fund had invested in companies involved in animal testing…

However, this isn’t the first time a vegan’s attempted to file a religious discrimination case… In 2013, an Ohio federal court dismissed veganism as merely an “eating habit”. Chenzira v. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center found that a hospital employee who was fired for refusing to be vaccinated for the flu (the vaccine is grown in chicken eggs) deserved protection under law… Given the inevitable backlash that vegans might face ahead of the landmark case, we asked six vegans in the UK whether they should be given the same rights and protections as religion, what they hope the outcome of the court case will be and what it means to be vegan’. SOURCE…


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