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MEAT THE VICTIMS: Around 150 animal rights activists are water-hosed at UK pig farm in anti-meat protest

The activists have criticized the farm for keeping pigs in small farrowing crates which limit their movement. Farrowing crates have been banned in Sweden, Norway and Switzerland, but are widely used in the UK.

JACK NEWMAN:Around 150 vegan and animal activists protesting what they claim is a farm’s ‘unethical treatment’ of pigs by storming one of their buildings have been sprayed by a strong jet of water. Members of Meat the Victims arrived at Holme Farm in Chester… to stage a sit-in in a pig shed. But during their peaceful protest, the group were sprayed with water inside the sty and the lights were turned off, as shown in video footage released by Virtue for Animals. 

Virtue for Animals said: ‘Despite animals having limited access to the outside at Holme Farm, the pigs who live here will spend the majority of their life indoors, inside dirty, barren sheds where they will be fattened up before slaughter. ‘Due to overcrowding, and with only a singly chain hanging from the ceiling for enrichment, these animals are prone to boredom and fighting, leaving some animals with painful wounds’… The activists have also criticised the farm for keeping its pigs in small farrowing crates which limit movement…

Virtue for Animals said: ‘These metal cages, designed to apparently allow piglets to suckle without being squashed by their mother, do not even allow the mother pig to turn around and they can move no more than a few steps back and forward or them standing, sitting, and lying down. ‘They will be inside these cages for around a month at a time. With their movement so severely restricted, these mothers are also unable to tend to their young if there are problems and often have to helplessly watch them suffer and die around her.’  Farrowing crates have been banned in Sweden, Norway and Switzerland but not in the UK and they are widely used across the world’. SOURCE…


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