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CHEW ON IT: Polish MEP Sylwia Spurek compares animal abuse to Jewish Holocaust

'In their behavior toward creatures, all men are Nazis.' (Isaac Bashevis Singer). 'It's time for a serious discussion about the treatment of animals.' (Sylwia Spurek).

IDAN ZONSHINE: ‘Polish European Parliament member Sylwia Spurek stirred up controversy… after tweeting a drawing by vegan artist and activist Jo Frederiks, that depicts cows walking through a slaughterhouse corridor in clothes reminiscent of those worn by Jews in Nazi concentration camps…

In the tweet, Spurek said the drawing gives “food for thought,” saying that “it’s time for a serious discussion about the treatment of animals, the conditions in which they live, and how we kill them. Is this humane? Is this still agriculture?” …

the timing for her tweet comes as world leaders, including the president of the European Parliament, gather in Jerusalem for the fifth World Holocaust Forum… High-level delegations from 49 countries are expected to take part in the main event at Yad Vashem… to remember the Holocaust and commit to fighting antisemitism’. SOURCE…


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