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Animal rights activists assaulted and injured for helping stray dogs in India’s Rani Bagh

Animal rights activist Ayesha Christina Benn said around 20 people smashed her car's windshield and assaulted her and her Neighborhood Woof colleagues.

THE TRIBUNE: The volunteers of an NGO, ‘Neighbourhood Woof’, were thrashed by locals in Rani Bagh of outer Delhi. The NGO workers, including a woman, were out in the area to catch dogs when the locals confronted them. In view of late night hours, local residents enquired about their identities on which heated argument started and a scuffle broke out between them…

Animal rights activist and founding member of the animal welfare organisation Neighbourhood Woof Ayesha Christina Benn alleged that around 20 people blocked her car and vandalised its windows and windshields in their attempt to pull her and her colleagues — Deepak, Vipin and Abhishek — out of the vehicle with the intent to assault and kill them…

On the night of July 3 at around 10.30 pm, 3 PCR calls were received in Rani Bagh police station regarding a quarrel between two parties, i.e., one belonging to an NGO named “Neighbourhood Woof” and the local residents of Rishi Nagar, Rani Bagh. Immediately, the police reached the spot and it revealed that some persons from an NGO named “Neighbourhood Woof” had come to catch stray dogs in Rishi Nagar, said a senior police officer.

However, the locals grew suspicious and raised questions on the operation of the NGO staff which also had a woman with them. An argument started between the NGO workers and the local residents which soon turned ugly. The NGO workers alleged that they were brutally assaulted by the locals. SOURCE…



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