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THE DIRTY DOZEN: The 12 worst companies for cruel animal experiments and their bloody CEOs

These companies conducted the most painful and cruel animal experiments, killed millions of innocent creatures, while violating federal animal welfare laws.

PETA: Pharmaceutical firms, chemical companies, contract testing facilities, and some cosmetics manufacturers are bad news for millions of animals locked in their laboratories. But when it comes to cruelty, some cause even more pain and misery than others.

To name the worst of the worst, PETA looked at the number of animals the companies killed, the most painful and invasive experiments conducted, how far they lag behind industry animal protection standards, their refusal to use available non-animal test methods, and their appalling histories of federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA) violations:

1. Covance  (Paul Kirchgraber)

2. Charles River Laboratories  (James C. Foster)

3. The Jackson Laboratory  (Edison Liu)

4. Primate Products, Inc.  (Paul W. Barras)

5.Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories USA  (Ryoichi Nagata)

6. Tier 1 Group, LLC  (Mike Addy)

7. Estée Lauder  (Fabrizio Freda)

8. Merck  (Kenneth C. Frazier)

9. Bristol-Myers Squibb  (Giovanni Caforio, M.D.)

10. Air France-KLM  (Benjamin Smith)

11. Pfizer  (Albert Bourla)

12. Marshall Farms Group Ltd.  (Scott Marshall)

Reliable non-animal testing methods are available, and many more are being developed. Using non-animal tests will produce safer and more effective drugs and reduce the cost of bringing drugs to market. Please ask the FDA to accept superior non-animal methods in place of archaic and unreliable animal tests. SOURCE…


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