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NOT FOR ‘GIVING’: Several animal rights activists arrested at turkey farm protest in Ontario, Canada

'They can lock us up, they can charge us, people may stop, there will always be someone else who will stand up for them, there will always be this movement,” said Kirsten Little, while being arrested.

MEAT THE VICTIMS CANADA: 200 animal activists staged a Meat the Victims action at a Hybrid Turkeys breeding farm in Ontario, a week before Canadian Thanksgiving… bringing attention to abuse that regularly occurs on farms, which is hidden from the public. But filming abuse inside these facilities has been outlawed by Ontario’s new ag gag law, Bill 156. With no laws for on-farm animal welfare, and no monitoring from government inspectors, one of the only ways the treatment of farmed animals has been brought to light is when activists expose it.

Hybrid Turkeys, the world’s largest breeder supplying 60% of grocery store turkeys, was previously exposed in 2014 by Mercy for Animals – revealing workers kicking and throwing turkeys, crushing their spines with bolt cutters, and viciously beating them with shovels. Video footage also revealed turkeys with gaping, puss-filled wounds and rotting eyes who were left to slowly die. The company was convicted of animal cruelty, but as we can see, Hybrid Turkeys has failed to clean up its act. SOURCE…

COLTON WIENS: Six arrests were made at the protest… “We could receive fines for up to $15,000 each for being inside this place, but we were willing to take that risk,” Janice Soranno with Meat The Victims Canada said. “We’re asking people to stop eating animals, it’s very easy.” The group chose the Mapleglen Farm because it was fined $5,600 in 2015 after pleading guilty to one count of animal cruelty…

Protesters planned to film the operations inside the farm, but were met by a line of police officers when they arrived. “We were very surprised to be taken into custody today, we are peaceful activists, everyone here is peaceful, and we are just trying to [shed a light on] what’s going on with our food system,” said David Pereira, a Meat The Victims Canada member. He was one of the six people who were arrested Sunday.

The group was also speaking out against Bill 156, known as the Trespass and Animal Safety Act. The bill, passed in June 2020, allows the right to peaceful public protest, while giving the justice system the tools it needs to help protect farms, livestock and the food supply from trespassing and harassment. It also implements hefty fines for people who trespass on farms. “This bill is looking to silence whistleblowers, silence what’s happening in and around these places,” Pereira said…

After leaving the farm, protestors moved to Waterloo Regional Police’s Central Division in Kitchener. Kirsten Little, another Meat the Victims Canada member, was also arrested Sunday. “They can lock us up, they can charge us, people may stop, there will always be someone else who will stand up for them, there will always be this movement,” said Little. SOURCE…


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