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CRUEL STATES: Inside the worst countries for animal abuse, where dogs are blowtorched and tigers made into glue

Between 10 and 20 million dogs were killed for their meat each year in China. And it's not just dogs that are suffering, tigers have been raised in captivity for products made out of their bones.

JOSH SAUNDERS: A new study has revealed the countries where animal rights are best – and worst – in 2021. The Animal Rights Index, which ranked 67 countries based on different factors, found that Luxembourg was the best, followed by the UK in second place – and that China was bottom of the table. Countries were given a score based on metrics including the recognition of animals as sentient creatures, meat consumption rates and fur bans…

Matthew Nash, 42, who conducted the study for insurance company The Swiftest, told The Sun that the nations who “scored poorly” had an “overall lack of any protections for animal rights”. He added: “Just the basic recognition of animal suffering and creating laws against animal cruelty would be a huge step in the right direction. “These countries had very limited protected areas for animals leaving the wilderness areas open for mass exploitation which naturally displaces and harms wildlife.”

In the wake of this new index, look at shocking stories of animal abuse that have emerged from the worst 10 nations: China, Vietnam, Iran, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Algeria, Mali, Ethiopia, Russia, and Egypt.

  • ’10 million dogs killed for meat’
    Location: China (Animal Rights Index score: 12.46 out of 600)
  • ‘Supermarket for wildlife’
    Location: Vietnam (Animals Rights Index score: 45.24 out of 600)
  • ‘Unbearable cruelty’
    Location: Iran (Animal Rights Index score: 71.4 out of 600)
  • ‘Mass dog culling’
    Location: Azerbaijan (Animal Rights Index score: 73.07 out of 600)
  • ‘Stray pet death camps’
    Location: Belarus (Animal Rights Index score: 105.65 out of 600)
  • ‘Poisoned, beaten, shot and left to die’
    Location: Algeria (Animal Rights Index score: 124.13 out of 600)
  • ‘Dogs stolen and killed with sticks’
    Location: Mali (Animal Rights Index score: 165.88 out of 600)
  • ‘Sick donkeys abandoned to be eaten by hyenas’
    Location: Ethiopia (Animal Rights Index score: 176.02 out of 600)
  • ‘Bear circuses and slapped whales’
    Location: Russia (Animal Rights Index score: 207.96 out of 600)
  • Systematic campaign to eradicate stray cats and dogs’
    Location: Egypt (Animal Rights Index score: 219.39 out of 600)

In The Swiftest’s study, Luxembourg was voted the best country for animal rights with 519.68 out of 600 points. It was followed closely by the UK with 506.36 and then Austria with 501.73, Czechia with 498.66 and Belgium with 488.86. Matthew praised the UK for having “some of the lowest meat consumption levels per capita out of all wealthy western countries” as well as animal protection and anti-fur farming laws.

Surprisingly, the United States was ranked the 27th worst country despite having a strong record on animal rights and anti-cruelty laws. Their position was attributed to the nation’s excessive meat consumption and other issues including no fur-farm bans, limited protected areas and animal sentience not being recognised at a federal level. SOURCE…


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