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Horrific Animal Deaths at Minnesota’s Bio Corporation Exposed in Undercover Video

KRISTIN HUGO: ‘In a warehouse in Alexandria, Minnesota, pigeons are drowned alive and crayfish are injected with latex while still conscious. Workers there say they freeze turtles to death. The dead animals will be shipped to public school science classrooms for dissection.

The warehouse belongs to Bio Corporation, one of many companies that preserve and sell dead animals for anatomical study. Undercover footage obtained by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) taken at Bio Corporation in October revealed disturbing practices that local police are now investigating, by order of the court…

PETA is known for its strong, even overwrought, reactions against nearly any use of animals. But in this case, a local judge agreed with the organization’s concerns. In late October, after reviewing an affidavit from the activist and the video, the judge ordered the local police to investigate Bio Corporation for potentially illegal practices involving animal cruelty.

By mid-November, the Alexandria police department had still not made contact with Bio Corporation. Frustrated by the slow pace, PETA filed complaints with the US Department of Agriculture (USDA)’. SOURCE…


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