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Undercover footage shows chickens being kicked and impaled at a farm that reportedly supplies Tyson Foods

KATE TAYLOR:An animal-rights nonprofit released a new, horrific video of what it calls animal abuse at a Tyson Foods supplier. In the video, released Wednesday, workers kick, throw, and even impale chickens. Sick birds are stacked in buckets and crushed as workers stomp them to death. “Hit him on the head, then kill him,” one worker says in the video. Compassion Over Killing (COK) says that an investigator for the nonprofit worked inside Atlantic Farm, a Temperanceville, Virginia facility, for several weeks to record the undercover footage.

COK has recorded a number of similarly shocking undercover videos at farms, slaughterhouses, and other meat production companies. In 2012, the US Department of Agriculture shut down a California slaughterhouse after COK released a video showing cows being abused. Tyson Foods — one of the biggest chicken, beef, and pork suppliers in the industry — has faced similar issues before. In 2016, the company severed ties with a supplier after workers were caught on camera stabbing, clubbing, and stomping on chickens’. SOURCE…


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