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Nonhuman Person Chimpanzee Cecilia Finds Sanctuary: An Interview with GAP Brazil

LAUREN CHOPLIN: ‘In November of 2016, an Argentine judge issued a ruling that has changed the life of a single chimpanzee—and could help do the same for other autonomous nonhuman animals. Thanks to litigation brought by an Argentine organization (AFADA) and modeled on the NhRP’s habeas petitions in the US, Cecilia—formerly held alone in captivity at the Mendoza Zoo—is now considered a “non-human legal person” with “inherent rights.” On April 5th, pursuant to this ruling, she arrived at the Great Ape Project Brazil’s Sanctuário de Sorocaba.

This past week, we checked in with our friends at GAP Brazil, who kindly took some time out of their tireless work to talk to us about how everything’s been going and the importance of Cecilia having found sanctuary by being recognized as a legal person with rights… To learn more about GAP Project International and GAP Brazil, visit their website. We’ll see if we can check in with them again once Cecilia’s had time to adjust to life as a free chimpanzee’. SOURCE…


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