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Video Shows How Far Pigs Will Go to Protect Their Friends From Death

ZACHARY TOLIVER: ‘If you had a chance to save a friend or family member from certain death, wouldn’t you take it? This appears to be the scenario in a video from Southwest China in which a pig charges two men who are moments away from apparently slaughtering another pig… News reports claim that the incident happened late last December in the Banan district in Chongqing, southwest China, but provided no further information about the outcome for these pigs. We can only imagine what happened once the camera was turned off…

Time and again, we’ve seen evidence of animals doing everything that they can to escape certain death. Shouldn’t we respect their desire to be free of abuse and suffering? Just like all other animals, pigs will attempt to preserve their lives at all costs. And why wouldn’t they? They’re social creatures, and when given the chance, they live in groups and form unique bonds with friends and family members that are just as valid as our own’. SOURCE…


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