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Australian police arrest animal liberation activists who stormed a piggery and barricaded themselves inside

MATT LECLERE: ‘Vegan activists were in a nine-hour stand-off with police at a pig farm after locking themselves inside a slaughterhouse. Police arrested 34 of the animal liberation activists at the piggery in Beerburrum on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. They let themselves in… as 68 activists were locked inside with 40 supporters outside the farm gates… Activists argue the cruelty, poor conditions and environmental benefits to boycotting meat needs to be considered…

James Aspey, who was among the protest’s leaders, shared a video on his Facebook page explaining why it was happening. ‘Those pigs in there have done nothing wrong, they don’t deserve this,’ he said. ‘They don’t deserve to suffer. ‘Just like you don’t if someone was inflicting something on you and your family, you would want someone to do something about it. ‘That’s what we’re doing and to do something about it we need to inspire people to boycott animal products’. SOURCE…


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