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TOTAL DEPRAVITY: Helpless baby monkeys sold to ‘slave schools’ and even used for sex

Chained to a bed, and made to wear perfume and jewelry, the female orangutan Pony was forced to work as a prostitute for remote farm workers in Borneo.

MIRANDA KNOX: Snatched from his mother as a baby, chained up alone and forced to work at a coconut farm for ten hours a day, all little Kulap knows is suffering. The pig-tailed macaque is one of thousands of monkeys thought to be used as slaves on Thai farms – never knowing the freedom of the forest like they should, with their captors likely to work them to death…

A shocking report from animal rights charity PETA revealed that these creatures are used in the production of common supermarket coconut products like oil, milk and yogurt. With the milk market alone worth up to £315 million worldwide, monkeys are made to scale 100ft trees and pick up to 1,000 coconuts a day…

In footage taken by PETA Asia investigators who visited eight farms, one can be seen trapped in a tiny cage, frantically shaking the bars in a futile attempt to escape, while another desperately tries to run away from a handler. The charity also visited four ‘monkey schools’ – institutions where they are taken to be taught how to pick coconuts or perform as tourist entertainment.

Animals at these facilities displayed stereotypical behaviour indicative of extreme stress, with some driven to insanity, pacing the tiny patch of bare dirt they’re chained up on… Jason Baker, senior vice president of PETA Asia, was the leading force behind the investigation, and toured coconut water farms to speak to workers about the use of monkeys for picking coconuts from huge trees.

“Monkeys are taken from their natural homes as babies, held captive, chained alone to tires and old barrels, trained by force, and made to work under the threat of punishment,” he tells Sun Online… “The terrified young monkeys are forced to perform frustrating and difficult tasks, such as twisting coconuts until they fall off the trees from a great height, for six to 10 hours per day,” Jason adds. “One investigator learned that if monkeys try to defend themselves, their canine teeth may be pulled out”…

Sickeningly, it’s not just exhausting farm work primates are forced to carry out. In an exclusive interview with The Sun, former director of Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation UK Michelle Desilets previously revealed the full horror of Pony – the female orangutan who had been forced to work as a prostitute for remote farm workers in Borneo. Chained to a bed, men could choose to pay to have sex with her – and she was shaved daily and made to wear perfume and jewelry.

Laying bare the sheer terror of Pony’s life, Michelle said: “It was horrifying. She was a sex slave – it was grotesque. She was covered in abscesses, and they put make-up and earrings on her. She must have been in so much pain. It was horrible to think about how terrified she must have been.” She was eventually rescued by the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, with the help of 35 armed policemen, and taken to a sanctuary…

While Pony’s particular case is hoped to be rare, more often than not, monkey slavery actually goes on in plain sight. Many perform on Thailand’s streets, where tourists fuel the industry by giving the monkey’s captors money for tricks to be performed, or pay for a selfie with exotic pets… Trainers make their living by dressing the animals up in ‘cute’ outfits, before making them jump through spiked hoops for entertainment. SOURCE…


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