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MENTAL ABUSE REDUX: Elon Musk’s company creates brain implant that monkey uses to play video games with mind

If you’re worried about the poor animal with cables sticking into his brain, Elon Musk promised that 'he’s a happy monkey'.

THOMAS MACAULAY: Elon Musk claims his startup Neuralink has connected a chip to a monkey’s brain that the primate is now using to play video games with its mind. Musk said Neuralink is currently developing brain implants that help people with paralysis control devices with their thoughts. He added that the tech could also enable people to communicate through their minds or save their brain state so when they die it gets uploaded to another body…

He described the device as “a Fitbit in your skull with tiny wires that go to your brain.” “We’ve already got a monkey with a wireless implant in their skull and the tiny wires who can play video games using his mind”… If you’re worried about the poor animal with cables sticking into his brain, Musk promised that “he’s a happy monkey.” He said an inspector from the US Department of Agriculture called the lab “the nicest monkey facilities she’d ever seen in her career.”

The world’s richest person now wants the simians to “play mind-Pong with each other.” He’s also invited anyone who’s worked on advanced wearables, phones, or robots to apply for a job at Neuralink… Neuralink’s tests have thus far been limited to pigs and primates, but that didn’t prevent Musk from speculating on the potential for humans… Musk added that Neuralink has already successfully tested implantation, removal, and re-implantation. He said the company will “probably” soon release new videos that show its progress. SOURCE…


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